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Official Site of Heather Hadley

Official Site of Heather Hadley

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Heather Hadley Racing Mission Statement

My mission in motorsports is to continue to push beyond the boundaries, break the norm, and strive for perfection. I want to take advantage of everything that I am grateful to have been given in life, and then never stop working to achieve what I have not. It is a huge priority of mine to never give up or stop working hard and to accept and appreciate the failure that has shaped me into who I am today. Eventually, my ultimate goal is to become a role model for younger children and inspire them to achieve goals that seem fairly impossible by only working hard and keeping honest.

Heather is a 17-year-old racer from Vallejo, CA who started her racing career in Karting, then moved to the Legend cars.  She was sponsored and marketed by Mazda Motorsports for 7 months - featured on the back cover of Racer and SCCA Monthly and was a speaker at the SCCA Runoffs when she was only 10 years old.  Click below to read more about this amazing young woman.  Keep your eye on this talented young racer!